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  • Category : Stain & Odor Control (remove)
  • Product : Urine-Off - MINI LED URINE FINDER LIGHT
Urine-Off - MINI LED URINE FINDER LIGHT [811665010484]

The Urine Finder LED Ultraviolet Light, finds urine that you can't see making sure you treat the right area. For best results use in a dark room.

All pets can have accidents occasionally, no matter how well trained they are, so it's important to be well prepared for any situation.

Urine Off LED Urine Finder Light can help you to identify places where your pet has toileted, so it can be cleaned and disinfected. It is ideal for owners who may have to leave their pet at home during the day, or if you were not able to spot your pet at the time of the behavior.

* Ideal Tool To Locate Hard-To-Find Urine Deposits

* 9 LED Light

* Requires Three AAA Batter ies (Not Included)

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 30 April, 2012.
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